How to get verified on Twitter

How to get verified on Twitter

Twitter has reopened its check mark application process so any old user can get a verified account. However, Twitter sparingly distributes verified badges and reserves them for public figures, brands, journalists, politicians, athletes, and high profile users. Before, you couldn’t even ask for confirmation. It would just happen by accident.
However, now anyone can fill out a form and request confirmation.
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This is how Twitter gets notified of your interest, and if the company thinks your account is worthy or “in the public eye,” you will finally get the coveted tick. In other words: you get a seat at the cool kids’ lunch table.
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What is a verified Twitter account?

Have you ever seen a Twitter profile with a check mark next to the person’s name?
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For an example, see Kim Kardashian West’s profile. This check mark is called a “verified badge”. It lets people know that the account is authentic and of public interest. You can see it in profiles and in search results.

Who is eligible to be verified on Twitter?

Twitter verifies accounts held by users in “Music, Drama, Fashion, Government, Politics, Religion, Journalism, Media, Sports, Business, and Other Major Interest”. It’s unclear if Twitter ever verifies normal people, but we assume no. To receive what is known as the “blue badge”, your account must currently be “authentic, noteworthy and active”.

How to get verified on Twitter

If you believe that your Twitter account is of public interest and should be verified, you can apply via your account settings in the Twitter app and on Just follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the icon […].
  2. Go to your settings and privacy
  3. Go to your account and scroll down to Account Information.
  4. Tap Confirmation Request
  5. Tap Start Request
  6. Submit your request.
  7. Twitter will get back to you with a decision. It may take a few weeks.

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Note: Twitter asks you to prove that your account is “authentic, remarkable, and active”. The required criteria can be found on this FAQ page.

Who reviews verification requests?

Every legitimate use of Twitter is checked “by a human” to ensure that it is checked “thoughtfully and thoroughly.” Sometimes Twitter will stop accepting applications if there is a backlog. For example, it paused in May 2021 but reopened days later.

Any other tips you should know?

Before completing the Twitter Verified Badge application form, make sure your account meets the following standards:

  • A verified phone number.
  • The profile name should reflect the real name or the stage name.
  • A verified email address.
  • A complete biography.
  • A profile photo that reflects the person / brand / company.
  • A birthday (for accounts that are not a company / brand / organization).
  • A website link.
  • Tweets set as public in the tweet privacy settings.

What if your request is denied?

You can reapply for confirmation 30 days after the rejection. You can apply once every 30 days.
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